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According to your personal needs, gl advanced windows there are excellent options available so with commercial licenses, never with free primary code. In such a publication, we will open you a listing of cms with free primary code for .Net, which are recognized, worth noting and allowing you to find the right and free one .Net cms for your personal website. If you are interested in the stable option, ddn will be the answer. This cms exists recently, and dnn, perhaps, has become the most popular and in demand from the list .Net cmss listed in such a list. It is a web content management website that is used for operational programming and deployment of interactive and dynamic web resources, intranets, extranets, and web applications. Which is suitable in a free community and subscription to professional, most expensive, and country premiere publications. The community edition contains most of the features that are included in the components of other releases, but the maintenance remains with the community. The professional edition provides you with support from dotnetnuke, keeping up with some additional features, and at a (significantly) increased price, the corporate publication provides customers with even a couple of features in the company with phone support. Umbraco cms is a free web-cms with free primary code, based on the microsoft .Net framework web resource. Umbraco cms today has become very popular among graphic artists-and computer developers-thanks to the available template algorithm and the ability to create tips that automatically format the content presented by the authors. In addition, it uses asp. Pure "master groups" and xslt, so there is no need for a cluttered template format. Sitefinity-the most current one .The platform for managing network internet content is available in this area now. Intex makes a lot of corporate features, and the usual, easy-to-handle online administration tools for coordinating your site. The latest revolutionary interface is highly customized for problem analysis and makes it easier for the user to contact problems. Sitefinity has 6 licensed releases available, starting at free for home and finishing at $499 for small enterprise sizes, and custom price tags for in-house and multisite releases.. Sitefinity currently gives feeding to thousands of platforms. Some of the most well-known government sites include: the white house federal credit union, state courts, the ostrog worth capital complex, and the canadian stock or bond transfer agency. Other clients include toyota, vogue, ikea, chevron, bayer, and coca-cola. Orchard cms is microsoft's arm on the open source planet. Landscape design is focused on society and is supported by full-time developers from microsoft who develop substances and scripts that are open tools for engineers to create applications. With the help of orchard cmso, it is possible to design content-oriented sites. Let this cms may be quite a bit slow and some nuances that you expect to find in other reliable cms may be missing, there are 3 fantastic internal features, but this is a cms that should be considered in the selection of technology for a specific GL Advanced Windows case. In order to determine which of the former openelec developers will optimally match you, it is entirely formed on the basis of what features you intend to activate.