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Before Seinfeld redefined the sitcom, The Simpsons came along and redefined prime time animation. Straying from the usual formula of innocence concocted by The Flintstones and The Jetsons, The Simpsons left no area of society untouched by its raw politically-incorrect satire. With an almost endless array of unforgettable characters, a trip to Springfield is a breath of fresh air, and hilarious as a television comedy can be The Simpsons (Season 2) DVD offers a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere in which Bart makes a deal with school nerd Martin Prince. Bart will make Martin cool if Martin agrees to tutor Bart into a top-notch student. When Martin reneges on his end of the deal, Bart must pass on his own merit, and his D- earns the respect of Homer and Mrs. Krabappel. In Treehouse of Horror (#16), Bart and Lisa take turns telling horror stories in an episode foreshadowing the Simpson Halloween Specials which followed in years to come. Other notable episodes include Dancin Homer in which Homer becomes the local minor league teams mascot and Itchy & Scratchy & Marge in which Marge takes on the cartoon violence warping Springfields youth Below is a list of episodes included on The Simpsons (Season 2) DVD: Episode 14 (Bart Gets an F) Air Date: 10-11-1990 Episode 15 (Simpson and [