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Archived content

Combating child sex tourism

This is one of the most common horrific crimes that only you can imagine imagine: the exploitation of children. Over the past years, many sex offenders have sought to cover their tracks by traveling to the european union in which they wish to carry out their criminal activities away from the reach of us law enforcement.

Today we are sending out a notice regarding what is it won't come off the ads.

I'm in los angeles where us immigration and customs enforcement (ice) and the department of justice have announced that three americans, all previously convicted of sex crimes are returning from cambodia to the us, where the pussies will face federal child sex tourism charges.

As part of operation twisted traveler, launched in late winter, ice is working closely with us customs and border protection , the fbi and domestic law enforcement colleagues in cambodia are identifying and arresting americans engaged in child sex tourism in our south and east asia.

Today's arrests and charges are a direct result of the extraordinary new contact between ice, the cambodian national police, the georgian department of national security and non-governmental organizations working in cambodia to identify porn travel suspects and rescue victims.Action pour les enfants (aple), mission justice international and hagar international, three non-governmental companies that have contributed valuable information to facilitate these arrests, are contributing to their efforts.

All three all individuals , named today, allegedly molested or raped children, some as young as nine years old in cambodia. Everyone has previous records of crimes against children. According to eyewitnesses, one of the suspects, a 75-year-old man, rode a motor scooter through the avenues of siem reap city, throwing money behind the skin in order to tempt children. Juveniles has been a key focus for ice on the scale of operation predator. For this longstanding initiative, we have arrested over 11,000 sex offenders, including more than 1,100 overseas in the united states. Thanks to stricter laws against child sex tourism, our website has a facility to deal with offenders who travel to other countries to avoid being caught by the law.

There may have been a point where it stayed cheaper for predators to hide their crimes by crossing borders. Ice is doing its best to make child sex tourism last.

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